milo moretti
full name
date of birth
marital status
camillo salvatore moretti
everyone calls him milo (me-low)
january 21, 1973 & 42
brooklyn, ny
upper west side, manhattan
theatrical producer
Isabelle Miranda was thirty-one years old when she became pregnant with her only child. Gabriel Moretti, who was just twenty years old when a rising Broadway diva phoned him and insisted they sit down to talk, nearly vomited when he found out he was going to be a father. With no money to his name, no intention of turning a brief fling into everlasting romance and fidelity, and no prospects on the horizon for a job or an education, Gabriel was completely out of his league and an inappropriate candidate to help Isabelle fulfill her lifelong fantasy of being a mother. But when life threw her lemons, Isabelle always knew the recipe to make sweet lemonade. So, despite their tense situation and having barely spent more than a few weeks together as sexual partners, Isabelle and Gabriel entered a marriage that was doomed from the start in hopes of providing a stable home environment for their child.

Ironically, Milo doesn't remember his parents ever living together nor can he imagine them married. They attempted to fall in love but it was clear from the start that there was some fondness but nothing that would allow their union to last more than the remaining seven months of Isabelle's pregnancy. By the time Milo was born, his parents had amicably decided that it wasn't ideal to raise a child in a single-parent home but it was better than the alternative, for everyone's benefit. Some of Milo's first memories are of him shuttling on the subway to and from visiting his father while his mother kept herself busy with work. Isabelle never spoke poorly of Gabriel but, as Milo grew up, he suspected his mother always felt a little guilty and embarrassed around his father.

Milo grew up idolizing his mother. He followed her around behind the scenes at the Broadway houses she performed in, he sang loudly at home in hopes of wooing her with his voice (which always worked, and often led to rewards in the form of cookies, ice cream, and other sweets), and even attempted commercial acting in his teens and early twenties. But what Milo took away from his upbringing of running after his famous mother, other than a deep understanding and appreciation for the theatre, was the ability to be who he was without apologies. He was able to live happily as himself, without fear of being unloved or not accepted. When he dated some of his mother's friends as a young adult, both males and females, she would scoff and tell him lovingly to find his own friends to be charmed by but she never protested nor did she ever hesitate to accept Milo's sexuality.

With his mother's encouragement, Milo attended the University of Michigan and studied theatre and business. It was difficult to be away from New York and his family but he found the freedom of being on his own both exhilarating and a fantastic learning experience. While he was in the theatre district at home, he was often referred to as “Isabelle's son” so being known on his own terms as he studied and tried to make sense of where he wanted his life to go was something he desperately needed. To this day, Milo regards his time at UMich as some of the best years of his life. It was also where he met many of his lifelong friends who have since evolved into some of Broadway's leading talent.

Upon finishing his undergraduate degree in Michigan, Milo moved back to New York City and began studying for his Masters degree from Columbia University, partially because he was more interested in academia and remaining a student rather than fully entering the working world and partially because of his intense interest in theatre as a business left him desiring more. When he graduated with his MBA, Milo was already immersed into the theatrical community; he had worked as a booking agent, a publicist, and a producer.

As his career as producer began to flourish, and Milo realized his passion for it, he was introduced to his first wife. She was a supporting actress in a television show Isabelle made a series of guest appearances on and they were introduced by Isabelle when Milo went to the set to pick her up for lunch. While she never admitted that she wanted Milo to go to the set to meet Sara, her eagerness to have them talk – and her subsequent invitation that Sara join them for lunch – hinted at ulterior motives. Whether it was with or without his mother's guiding hand, however, the two quickly fell in love and spent two years in a relationship before Milo proposed. They were married just eight months later on November 14, 2009.

Their honeymoon phase lasted until Sara decided that she wanted to move to Los Angeles and pursue her acting career on the west coast. But Milo, who loved his career and now had his first Tony Award, was reluctant to move. So, they decided to live on opposite coasts for six months, while they evaluated their situation and Sara attempted to make the leap from east to west coast. It was an unorthodox situation for a married couple, especially one that seemed so happy, but when push came to shove, their selfish interests won out over their love for each other. Unsurprisingly, just a year after they decided to split their time between New York and California, Sara left Milo for an actor she met while working on a pilot.

In an attempt to gain some clarity and closure with the relationship, Milo decided to spend two months on sabbatical and temporarily relocated to Cagliari, Italy, to stay with his father's parents. His grandparents were all too thrilled to spend time with their eldest grandson while Milo enjoyed a two-month vacation. Although he answered emails and sat in on some work-related calls, Milo's time in Italy almost felt like living in a bubble. He was whomever he wanted to be when he woke up every morning. He was given a fresh start every day and even found himself in a deeply romantic affair that helped him close the chapter on his relationship with Sara.

When he returned back to New York, Milo put his career back into the forefront of his life. He launched Moretti Theatrical Enterprises, his production company that oversees several leading and upcoming Broadway productions and owns five leading Broadway websites though Milo's direct affiliation with these sites are limited. In addition to producing, he serves on the Board of Trustees of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and The Broadway League.
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» No one calls him Camillo other than his grandparents. For as long as he can remember, he has always been Milo.

» His mother is the love of his life. They talk on a daily basis, whether it's through text, FaceTime, or a sit down conversation. Isabelle raised Milo to be a feminist, an advocate for social justice, and he's infinitely grateful for her unwavering love and support. His relationship with his father can be tense and a little forced but Gabriel, who is much quieter and reserved than Isabelle and Milo, is still an active and important part of Milo's life.

» He is half-Spanish, on his mother's side, and half-Italian, on his father's side. He has spent time in both Cagliari, Italy, where his father's parents live and Getxo, Spain, where his mother's mother moved back to when his grandfather passed away. Milo has almost a dozen aunts and uncles between his parents, some of whom he keeps in regular contact with but others he barely knows due to distance.